Take a Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Anderson Valley Wineries!

wine grapes on the vine in a sunny vineyard

Situated on the coastal region of Mendocino County, the Anderson Valley is home to a variety of exquisite vineyards and wineries that produce impeccable wine. Whether you’re a Northern California native or simply visiting the area, Anderson Valley is a great place to learn about the winemaking process, as well as enjoy plenty of other activities and events.

Visit Anderson Valley Wineries

Before you start planning your trip, be sure to book your room at The Inns of Glendeven. Our beautiful inns and vacation rentals are the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day exploring Anderson Valley Wineries. Read on to get our insider info on this fascinating and serene area.


Anderson Valley’s geography and climate are ideal for growing complex and flavorful grapes. A world-renowned producer of Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley’s outstanding red wine grapes benefit greatly from mild, cool temperatures at night and warm, sunny temperatures during the day. In addition, Chardonnay grapes have adapted to the cool growing conditions and create full-bodied wines that have a hint of ripe apples. Gewurztraminer, a varietal grown over several centuries in Germany, has a spicy, aromatic flavor, and the White Riesling displays floral aromas and has a sweet, honey taste. Each variety is unique and delicious in its own way and proves that this area can produce some of the best-tasting wines in the world.


Anderson Valley has multiple events throughout the year that allow guests to sample wines from neighboring wineries and from across the globe. At the International Alsace Varietals Festival, guests can taste a variety of wines from Germany, France, and New Zealand, as well as California, New York, and of course, Anderson Valley. Or, for red lovers, check out the Pinot Noir Festival where you can try Pinot produced from grapes grown in Anderson Valley, and attend a tasting with over 50 participating wineries. These events are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that allow you to try your favorite wines in an incredible setting, and will leave you wanting to come back again next year.


Aside from their vineyards, Anderson Valley has an organic apple farm, where guests can learn about their juicy and delicious apples that are hand-picked from the orchard. Or, visit Gowan’s Oak Tree, which is a farm-stand filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. Choose from over 60 varieties of apples, 38 types of peaches, 14 kinds of tomatoes, and 15 kinds of squash that are all grown in Anderson Valley. In addition, Hendy Woods State Park is located in the middle of Anderson Valley wine district and is one of the most scenic areas in Mendocino County. There, you can swim in the Navarro River, hike a nature trail, or go kayaking. Anderson Valley has something for everyone!

Wine Tours

With so many wineries throughout Anderson Valley, a wine tour is your best bet to trying different types of wines and learning about the process along the way. At The Inns of Glendeven, we offer our own private wine tour that is perfect for two. You’ll travel by car to exclusive wineries that aren’t otherwise open to the public or have a special behind the scenes experience not available to the general public, and will learn all about different types of wine, the grape-to-glass process, and have all of your wine questions answered. It’s a romantic, intimate way to explore Anderson Valley’s sprawling 15 miles of vineyards and wineries.

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While visiting Mendocino California, Anderson Valley Wineries is a must-see. With tons of different activities and attractions, it’s the perfect place to relax and experience the winemaking process firsthand.

Torrey Douglass