Have Fun with Fungi at the Mendocino Mushroom Festival

a pile of mushrooms in a bowl awaiting chef’s inspiration

Get in touch with your inner fungi-lover at this year’s Mendocino Mushroom Festival! From November 6th through the 15th, mushroom dinners, wine and beer pairing workshops, cooking classes, and guided mushroom foraging tours will showcase the magical season of mushrooms and provide guests with an entertaining and educational experience. Whether you love eating mushrooms or are content with admiring their beauty from afar, the Mendocino Mushroom Festival will be an amazing event that you can’t miss!

Explore the Mendocino Mushroom Festival

With over 3,000 varieties of fresh mushrooms in Northern California, this annual event celebrates the unique shapes, colors, and flavors of local dirt-dwellers. Plus, our beautiful Little River bed and breakfast is just a short drive away! Here are some of the exciting things you’ll see at the Mendocino Mushroom Festival.

Daily Events

Guests can learn about the natural history of the mushroom during daily mushroom exhibits at Ford House Exhibits in Mendocino. Photographer Laura House will present close-up images of the fungi that will give you a whole new perspective on this incredible species. In addition, guided horseback rides will take place every day during the festival, where guests can seek out varieties while atop a saddle. Or, try an LFK Mushroom Paddle, where you’ll kayak through the calm waters of the Noyo River in search of wild mushrooms.

Mushroom Exploration Tours

To get up-close and personal with your favorite fungus, try going on a guided mushroom hunting tour. At the Mendocino Mushroom Festival, exploration tours allow guests to head into the woods where they will learn how to seek out edible mushrooms, identify poisonous varieties, and determine the type of climate ideal for mushroom growth. Local experts will tell you how certain varieties affect the body and will explain their interesting biology. The mushrooming tours are both fun and fascinating and are a great way to hunt your own mushrooms without the risk of illness.

Mushroom Excursion Train

All aboard the historic Skunk Train! While at the festival, be sure to take a ride on the Mushroom Excursion Train, where you’ll travel through the majestic Redwoods to spend the day at Camp Mendocino. Once there, guests are invited to watch a mushroom cook-off, where you can learn expert mushroom cooking tips and techniques as well as sample various wine and beer pairings. Or, feel free to cheer on contestants as they submit their colossal creatures to the Largest Mushroom contest. Stunning surroundings, live music, and delicious chocolate truffles are the perfect way to spend the day at the festival.

Get Your ‘Shroom On!

Buttery chanterelles, luxurious truffles, and rare candy caps are just a few of the intriguing mushroom varieties you’ll be happy to find at the Mendocino Mushroom Festival. You’re guaranteed to leave the event with a newfound appreciation for Mendocino’s mysterious mushrooms! When you begin planning your trip to the area, be sure to book your stay at the Inns of Glendeven. You’ll come back to a beautiful room complete with ocean and garden views that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed after a wonderful day at the festival.

Torrey Douglass