2 Horseback Tours Near Little River CA

close up of a horse’s eye with bridle

Horseback riding is not only great exercise, it’s also a romantic, intimate way to experience the world around you. With picturesque views and a comfortable riding climate at any time of year, the Mendocino Coast is the perfect place to take horseback tours. Whether you’re an equestrian expert or have never sat on a saddle, horseback tours are a wonderful way to adventure through Northern California.

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Be sure to book your stay at the Inns of Glendeven for a relaxing, refreshing homestead. A beautiful, historic room at the Farmhouse will make you feel like you were born to ride! Here are some of the best places to take horseback tours in the Little River area.

1. Ricochet Ridge Ranch

Ricochet Ridge offers a unique riding experience for visitors who have fallen love with horseback riding. Visitors can take a Redwood Coast Riding Vacation, where they can ride through the redwood forests, across working cattle ranches, and along wild coastal beaches for days at a time. You’ll be able to meet and ride horses of the highest quality, including Akhal-Teke, Russian Orlov, and Arabian breeds, many of which have excelled in jumping and are extremely well-trained. The breathtaking sights and beautiful climate will make you wish that this riding vacation never had to end.

In addition, our guests can book tours at Inns of Glendeven that will take place at Ricochet Ranch. Guests can choose from one of three options, depending on what kind of ride they’d like to have. During a 90-minute private beach ride, guests will be guided along Ten Mile Beach where they can listen to the sound of the waves and smell the salty air on horseback. Or, take the 4-hour private beach and forest ride to see the gigantic redwood trees. For those who just can’t get enough, an all-day tour is also offered and includes both beautiful locations. Horseback tours are offered year-round and are a fun and exciting experience for riders of all skill levels.

2. Ross Ranch

This charming Mendocino ranch offers spectacular private rides through some of California’s most beautiful locations. First, your guide will give you instructions on handling and riding your horse. Next, you can choose to take a horseback tour on Manchester Beach, where you’ll see miles of sand and surf, rocks, driftwood, creeks, and various species of birds along the Elk coast. Or, take the Redwood Forest Tour, where you’ll walk through open meadows and see sweeping views of the valleys and forests below. You’ll pass canyons, creeks, and the river, all while riding a horse picked to match your skill level. Ross Ranch is a great place to experience the peace and tranquility that comes with horseback riding.

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Horseback riding is a great way to experience the natural beauty of the Little River area, all while bonding with a gentle and majestic animal.

Torrey Douglass