Where Can I Get the Best Mendocino Wine?

wine grapes piled in a sunny vineyard

Northern California’s diverse geography and climate are ideal for growing complex and flavorful wine grapes throughout the year. In particular, Mendocino County has become known as one of the best growing regions for many varietals. Outstanding red wine grapes, especially Pinot Noir, benefit greatly from the mild, cool temperatures at night and warm, sunny temperatures during the day. In addition, white wine grapes like Alsace varietals have adapted to the cool growing conditions and create excellent, full-bodied wines. Each variety is unique and delicious in its own way and proves that Mendocino wine is some of the best in the world.

Taste the Mendocino Wine Difference

To experience a glass of vino like never before, a visit to our area is a must! You’ll learn all about a wine grape’s journey from vine to bottle and will taste fresh, pure flavors that will surprise you again and again. Here are some of our favorite places to go to get the very best Mendocino wine.

Anderson Valley Wineries

Situated on the coastal region of Mendocino County, the Anderson Valley is home to a variety of exquisite vineyards and wineries that produce impeccable wine. A day trip to Anderson Valley Wineries is a great way to learn about the winemaking process as well as enjoy plenty of other activities and events. You can tour the rolling hills of grapevines and sample limited-edition wines during a private wine tour, or spend the day exploring one of their many annual wine festivals. It’s the perfect way to get a behind-the-scenes look at how vintners create your favorite flavors!

Alder Springs Vineyards

The history of Alder Springs Vineyards is as rich and fascinating as the vintage wines that are produced there. When searching for the perfect location to test out his grape growing theories, founder Stuart Bewley stumbled upon the magic of the dirt in Mendocino. In addition to water, proper drainage, and sunlight, he found that Mendocino’s soil had the perfect mixture of minerals and nutrients and was ideal for growing extraordinary grapes. Today, these grapes produce wines that have gained a national reputation for their high quality and complex taste. A visit to this unique vineyard will give you a whole new appreciation for Mendocino wine.

Rivino Winery

Located along the Russian River in Mendocino county, Rivino Winery takes pride in handcrafting their wines from family-owned Schrader Ranch Vineyard. Creating small-production wines allows them to have complete control over the winemaking process and makes each bottle special. During harvest, Rivino Winery makes sure that all of their grapes are minimally handled and in the gentlest way possible, and monitors their transformation from vine to bottle. Their attention to detail ensures an individual and delicious product, from the beginning of the process to the moment it hits your lips.

Wine Hour at the Inns of Glendeven

Our lovely Wine Bar[n] is available exclusively to guests who stay at our Mendocino bed and breakfast! Each evening, enjoy a casual gathering in the barn with wine and hors d’oeuvres before you head out for a night on the town or to a delicious dinner at one of many amazing Little River restaurants. Our wine barn carries only Mendocino-made wines and focuses on wineries that are off the beaten path, many of which do not have tasting rooms and offer small-production wines. Our Wine Barn selection depends upon the season and availability of locally grown vintages, so you won’t find these flavors anywhere else!

Plan Your Getaway to Wine Country

While visiting Northern California, just a taste of some of our incredible wines will make your trip that much better. With tons of vineyards to see and plenty of different varieties to try, Mendocino is the perfect place to relax and experience the winemaking process firsthand. Plus, comfortable and luxurious accommodations at the Inns of Glendeven will help you recover when you’ve had a little too much, or just enough!

Torrey Douglass