What’s New This Year at the Mendocino Botanical Garden?

Since its grand opening in 1966, the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens in Fort Bragg, California, have attracted thousands of visitors each year to experience the wonder of nature. The property’s 47 sprawling acres are comprised of canyons, wetlands, forests, and coastal bluffs that are home to a wide variety of plants and wildlife, including over 150 species of birds, thousands of flowers, and various plants and vegetables. With tons of festivals, events, and activities available throughout the year, guests can spend an afternoon in the gardens during any season – and it’s just ten minutes away from the Inns of Glendeven! The next time you’re in the area, take a trip to the Mendocino Botanical Garden where you can sit back, relax, and be inspired by the simple beauty of life.

The Best Things to See at the Mendocino Botanical Garden

Beautiful Blooming Flowers

The mild climate in Northern California allows for a wide range of plant and flower species to flourish throughout the gardens. They are especially known for their rhododendrons, with more than 125 species blooming until June. The spring also brings camellias, daffodils, magnolias, flowering cherries, and Pacific Coast iris, and the summer months offer heritage roses, succulents and cacti, lilies, and wildflowers. In the fall, enjoy dahlias, fuchsias, and hydrangeas, and you can even visit in the winter, when late perennials, winter heathers, camellias, and wild mushrooms abound. The breathtaking spring and winter whale migration can also be seen from the gardens, whose property stretches all the way out to the Pacific Coast.

Incredible Collections

In addition to spectacular flowers, the gardens are home to collections of shrubs, plants, and even vegetables. Feel free to stroll through the succulent garden, where you’ll see thick, waxy plants and cacti that have adapted to Mediterranean climates and can survive without rain in long summer droughts. Or, stop by the organic vegetable garden and orchard, which offers a mix of medicinal and edible herbs, fruit trees, and flowering plants and provides thousands of pounds of fresh produce to the local food bank as well as the gardens’ onsite eatery, Rhody’s Café.

Events & Workshops

Throughout the year, the Mendocino Botanical Garden hosts everything from plant sales and art exhibits to educational classes and fundraisers. Guest favorites include monthly rhododendron walks, where you’ll tour Dennis McKiver’s collection of over 1,000 hybrid and species of rhododendron, and bird watching tours with the Mendocino Coast Audubon Society where you can admire incredible species like hummingbirds, California quail, and black-headed Grosbeak. To see even more of the gardens, join naturalist Mario Abreu on his natural history walks where you’ll learn all about what’s blooming in the collections from April through October.

Head Home to the Inns of Glendeven

Whether you’ve spent an afternoon wandering through the flowers, learning about gardening, or enjoying a picnic lunch on the lawn, we guarantee a visit to the Mendocino Botanical Garden will leave you with lasting memories! Be sure to stop by the Garden Store and Nursery on the Plaza before you leave, then come back to our beautiful Mendocino bed and breakfast and experience stunning ocean and garden views right from your room. We can’t wait to hear about your adventures in the gardens!

Torrey Douglass